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Speech Setup

Setting up speech on your Android Mobile

To work properly, RadioMe needs to have correctly configured the Text-to-Speech feature of your Android mobile.

On Android 1.x and 2.x:

Go to: Settings->Voice input & output settings->Text-to-speech settings

If you don’t have the voice data, select “Install Voice Data” to install the SVOX Pico language pack from the Android Market (includes English (US and UK), Deutsch, French, Italian and Spanish).

Language Pack on the Android Market

Uncheck “Always use my settings”, if you keep this option checked, language detection will not work.

We recommend to buy and install SVOX Classic voices from the Android Market, they have a much better quality than the default voices.

On Android 4.x:

Go To: Settings->Language & input->Text-to-speech output

Check that you have the voice data installed, press the icon at the right of  “Google TTS Engine” and select “Install voice data” (if it is disabled you don’t need to install it).

Android 4 includes the new Google TTS Engine with good voices for English (US and UK), Deutsch, French, Italian and Spanish).

If you need voices for additional languages you can buy and install SVOX Classic voices.