Which Android version is needed?

Requires at least Android 1.6

Voice volume is always zero

RadioMe voices don’t play if your mobile is vibrating or in silence.

I want to stop receiving notifications from one provider

Since version 0.9.5 you can enable or disable providers on the “Providers” screen.

I cannot hear voices in my language

Choose your language on the preferences and check that you have installed voices for it on Settings->Voice input & output settings->Text-to-speech settings

The app does not receive updates when connected to a WiFi and screen is off

It’s due to that your “WiFi sleep policy” is turning off WiFi when the screen turns off. To change this, on:

Settings->Wireless & networks->WiFi Settings

press the MENU key, “Advanced”, on “Wi-Fi sleep policy” choose “Never”.

How can we uninstall the beta?

You can uninstall it (or any other installed app on your phone) from Settings->Applications Manage Applications

Will be RadioMe avaiable on other Platforms?

Yes, we are working on an iPhone version.